About Us



Rajaprasad is associated as Managing Director of company. The Company Has Its presence in Market as Leading Player India with Civil Engineering Sector since Year 2010. It Has repo with clients in participation for Shimzu Corporation, Heungkuk, S J Contracts & Raj Process. He has reputation for his dynamic hands-on Management style and progressive approach to market expansion. His Foresight and business skills have been driving force which has led Raj Construction formation.

Raj Construction's expertise includes in construction of industrial buildings, large scale developments, low and high-rise buildings, residential and commercial developments. We are also preparing ourselves to develop in Roads as the next future Target. With dedication to being a socially responsible company, all of Raj Construction's processes and ethos are focused on operating in a conscientious manner. Raj Construction is committed to our fundamental values and takes extensive steps to ensure that the entire team adheres to a strict code of business ethics.

Regional Focus

Raj Construction is focussed on delivering high quality construction services across Asian countries and expand its wings in other continents also. Raj Construction is Head Quartered in India. Raj Construction continuous to focus on growth in market implementing its Moto targeting developing nations.